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mentorship programs
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  Each year I offer six,  2 month long mentorships, either in person or online. This is an in depth, one on one journey. into tea as a path of artistry and self cultivation. We will have a one hour session each of the 8 weeks , and you will have access to me by email for questions. I will furnish teas to work, practice  and cultivate with during our sessions.  You will learn basic information of the varieties of teas, the brewing, and tea ceremony, but the bulk of the time will spent on learning tea as a vibrational and energetic art for cultivation and growth

     This training is aimed at people with a clear aim of learning the art of vibrational tea medicine or to help with their cultivation and growth. The program will be tailored to you specifically and what you wish to accomplish whether it is personal development or training in serving tea to others.  I can work with people in their special unique growth path or any tradition : Your unique personal growth path or more tradtional paths such Taoist, Hindu, Buddhist, Sufi, Christian, Yogic, Qi gong, Internal martial arts, Zen, Gene Keys, etc. This course is an ongoing conversation between myself and you and is not a passive learning experience . The more you bring yourself and your own questions, intent and direction to our sessions, the deeper the experiecen will be for you. You will be expected to practice on your own every day during our time together.

  If interested we will schedule a private session to meet and make sure it is a good match for you and we have a resonance to work together.  Price on request .

There is an option of coming and staying at the tea temple for a week to absorb more fully this path. Contact me for more information and pricing on this.




I offer 7 day in house retreats at the tea temple house. This is for those who want an immersive dive into tea practice and cultivation. We will meet once in the morning for a one hour class and then in the afternoon for an hour.  I will cook lunch for us every day, ( I was a chef for many years) and for other meals you will have access to our kitchen and space in the refrigerator. Our home is set up as a temple for cultivation as has many beautiful indoor and outdoor spaces for creative and cultivation work of any kind.  We will focus on exactly where you are in your personal journey and in your tea practice and the week will be tailored to you. Besides your planned times with me, you are free to make yourself at home and this is really geared for people who can take care of themselves and are looking for a quiet but fun retreat space for a week. Price on request.  

Requirements : Because we are inviting you into our home and community, access is highly vetted. You must either have taken four classes with me or come highly recommended by some I know well and trust. People who study Gene Keys can speak to me privately , as I know many people in this community. 

nature is speech

when you listen to tea

she will talk to you

about how to be whole

and in harmonic relationship to all of creation.

drink deeply, and listen…



I have a special mentorship program available for those just beginning their tea journey. We will start from the beginning and give you proper orientation  and information to create and cultivate your own practice. 

​This can be done online or in person. It is a five week course covering the basics of how to learn and use tea as a cultivation practice. We will spend an hour online or in person and we can sustain and email conversation if you have questions during the course. You will need to sit with tea every day during this process in order that you develop your own experimental understanding as we progress together

Cost is $500.

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