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Tea is the Teacher – Let Tea Drink You, Savor You, and Sit With You

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Tea is a gateway to inner growth, healing, and the subtle mysteries of existence. Tea is a gift from nature to help us learn the flow of nature and the language of life. It is a medicine of the Divine Harmonic and therefore a doorway to alignment with the Tao. In this school, we teach the understanding of tea as a vibrational medicine for self-cultivation, health, and plant medicine. Tea is a plant that helps humans have a visceral experience of both their humanity and their divinity and how to move through this life embracing both as sacred.


In this school you will learn both the classical internal and external arts of Chinese tea. You will learn the profound art form of making tea, how to serve it, and how to use it in a way that will teach you endlessly about yourself and the world we inhabit. We also offer advanced deeper study into the energetic and healing qualities of tea, tea as sacred medicine, tea as plant spirit medicine, and tea as a tool for self-cultivation to serve your creative growth.  The aim of our classes is to give people the tools to make tea their own living art.


About the Tea School

     The tea school is set up so you may engage at any level of depth that is calling you. There are many aspects and dimensions to learning the sacred arts of tea, so we approach the study from many different sides. The goal is to give you an innate, global understanding of this profound art. This is a socratic school of learning, so come to a few sessions, do your own work at home to integrate, and come back with questions about your evolving practice. 

     Everyone learns at different rates, so find what is truly useful for you and adjust your attendance and come back when you are ready absorb the next level. Even though we have group classes, like any real art, this is a highly personal path to follow and I work with people as individuals. This is a school of personal cultivation where people come to develop their being through art.


 Mondays 930-1030 am. $40


Wednesdays, 930-11 am. $45


Two Fridays a Month- Meditation, Culitvaton and Tea sits. 8-915. $40

 June dates - Friday 14th and 28th.


To come to a class, email me at

Our Services

To sign up for a class email me at  Payments can be made through Venmo, PayPal, or check once enrolled. 


The following are a few of the classes offered.  These are also available  on request for private or private group sessions.


“The Art of Tea is one of Listening.
Each tea is a particular energy and plant spirit, they are constantly talking to us, if we only have the ears to listen.
This tea school is dedicated to the art of hearing Nature: Plant Nature, Your Nature, Nature, the Tao.”

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