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This lineage of teaching tea as a path of self cultivation, plant spirit medicine and healing is not so common in the world at this point. We have had many requests from people around the country and the world who would like to learn and so I am now offering Zoom teaching/ transmission sessions. These sessions will focus on your individual needs and path with tea and can entail anything tea related or cultivation related. You will find besides these changes being very informative, that there is also an energetic transmission quality to them. You will receive deep nourishment from this tea lineage that will stay with you and help your tea practice grow. These sessions are very full and you will find that you will not need endless sessions to learn. A session needs to be followed by your own work with tea so that you can find your own living connection to the principles and teachings involved. Some times, with enough notice, I will send a bit of tea so that we can drink the same tea while talking, but it is not required.

Cost: 150, first lesson, $100 for all other lessons. The sessions are generally about an hour long.

To schedule, fill out the contact form on the home page.  Cheers, Po

PRIVATE CLASS - First hour session 150, additional study with Po $100 for a 45 minute class. Fill out contact form on homepage to request a session
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