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Pick up your kettle

pour from heart of your being

you are pouring your essence 

the very vibration you are 

into the teapot. 

No need to pour in an Aisan way

No need to pour in a spiritual way

No need to pour in the right way.

Pour from the simpleness of your presence

the pureness of your intent and the 

warmth of your heart.

who wouldn't want a cup of that

tea made in this way becomes medicine

and will heal in unexpected ways.


WHEN you serve tea you are serving you

the human body being is unimaginably powerful

even the best tea is corrupted 

if you are not in alignment with heaven and earth

and firmly grounded in the truth of who you are in the moment.

Dont pour spiritually don't pour as a tea person, dressed in the cloths of culture and tradition

pour from the genuine unique person you are,

pour with love and virtue and clear intent

pour from presence, relaxed awareness and being.

both tea and water are like homeopathic templates

they are responsive to whatever vibration touches them

When you pour from a state of wholeness and genuineness 

you are structuring water and tea in those principles 

When you pour from love, love will be felt.

But you must be completely authentic, from the depths of your complex humaness.

You are pouring you 

into each cup.


pouring tea

be as simple as you can

be you

be as content and present 

as an old tree.

hold you space and

at the same time give freely.


Pour from heaven

blessing earth with 

the fill of each cup


this is the way to consecrate tea

this is the way to bless your guests.

remain in the flow of heaven and earth

become the holy marriage of their union.


When you are serving your tea

you are serving yourself

you are literally pouring your whole self into each pot

you mind, intent, body, spirit, soul, alignment-

are energetically imprinted on 

the leaves and water,

it is their nature.

so pour from all of you

your personality, your being, your presence 

all that you are in this world.

if you do this

all the love that you are in this world

will flavor the tea.

be natural, be you…


when you hold the circle of tea ceremony

you are initiating and energetic field

bring presence, clarity, grace and surrender to this vibrational field

it will teach you and your guests

it is a living thing

learn to listen to it

respond to it

be it,

and play….


tea moves into the spaces of the heart of hearts

it moves through a human being 

a watery messenger of the five elements

bringing their wisdom of 

the harmonics of nature 

to the very cellular intelligence of the body


the whispering heart of nature

kissed into a leaf

drunk into the body

breathed into the soul of this being

sung into the lotus heart of wisdom

residing in the chest


watery messenger of the divine flow of light

fiery alchemist of elemental awakening

earthy mother welcoming spirit into from

woody freind of aspirational growth

mineral legions invoking transformational magic,

sparks igniting the laughing cells

into a dance of creation.

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