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Tea for cultivation and contemplation practices

Tea practice can be a powerful tool to support growth and self-cultivation practices. It can be used to support any number practices - mediation, contemplative practices, art creation, yoga, qi gong, martial arts, and basically any creative endeavor in life. Each tea holds a different energy or chi, which can balance our system, open and clear blocks, and harmonize us with self , other and environment.  We learn to use our tool kit of teas based on the energy of the day, our state, and what we want to do.


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      Teaching people how to use tea to support their life is one of the main branches of my tea temple work. We can connect in person here or online on zoom and work together to teach you how to use tea to support your unique growth and aspirations. Teas that I select and what I teach you is specifically tuned into exactly where you are in this moment in your life.  To set up a cousre of study - email me at

For students of the Gene Keys: Richard Rudd is one of my students and this lineage of working with tea has become a personal part of his practices. Tea is an ideal ally in working with this contemplative practice of shadow and light. Contact me for further information. Recommended is a preliminary one-hour Zoom session in which I can orient you toward this practice and we can plan the best way to work together


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